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2013 Kubota M110 for sale:

-280 hours
-4 wheel drive
-1000 lbs. front weight kit
-Inverted Normand Blower
-13.5 R24 Front Radial Tires(95% Tread)
-18.4 R34 Rear Radial Tires(95% Tread)
-24.4 MPH Top Speed
-8 Speeds low/8 speeds medium/8 speeds high(Auto)
-AM/FM Radio
-Upper spot lights front and rear
-Rear defogger and windshield wiper
-Heated Cab
-Front Fenders
-New battery
-Hydraulic self leveling control vale on rear fenders
-3rd set of rear function valves

Used only for snowplowing/snow blowing of residential driveways.

$50,000.00 with Blower, $45,000.00 without.

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Any chance it comes with an operator?
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