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HAW in 2011 f350

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by pkenn, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. pkenn

    pkenn Senior Member
    Messages: 139

    ok, quick question. i have a set of vertex and a set of linz6 for the front of my truck, everybody i know who drilled into those dbl walled headlights eventually had them leak and fog up so now im very wary but prefer the look of the vertex over the linz6 in the grill. any input/suggestions/pics?
  2. Evil PSD

    Evil PSD Member
    Messages: 30

    i work at a installer group in MA on all the f250 f350 headlights i end up drilling a 2" hole in theback of headlight into first layer of plastic, then i drill a 1" hole into the headlight itself. i then put a tinny bit a silcone around the flange of the vertex adn push it in the the headlight, then i use a a product called i belive duct sealant, its like a putty and push it into the 2" hole and then make sure its tight to the outside layer of plastic, when i get another truck in ill take pics hope this helps Thumbs Up
  3. KEC Maintaince

    KEC Maintaince Senior Member
    from N.J.
    Messages: 265

    yes i know what you mean my headlights are a pita to get to so i am really considering the nova n500
    undercover hide a led directional
    this way i can drill into the top of the housing and silicone around the led.
    this way i cann get a good seal
    they are a bit pricey tho
    but i am seriously taking them into consideration
  4. pkenn

    pkenn Senior Member
    Messages: 139

  5. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    Haven't done a 2011 yet, so can't help you too much there. It's easier if you remove the whole head light housing from the truck. You want to get the HAW's as close to the stock bulb as possible (about 1").

    Like Evil said, drill a bigger hole in the first outer layer and then drill the 1" mounting hole in the second inner layer. If you want these to be permanent, you can get some RTV silicone and dab a little on the foam gasket right before installing them to get a good seal for the first layer.

    If you get a good 2" plastic hole saw to cut the second layer, you will actually end up with a small circular "disc". You can use this "disc" to put back in the hole and then seal the gaps with RTV silicone. You just have to make sure to take your time cutting to make sure you get a good clean cut.

    If you look very closely in this pic on this '09, in the passenger side turn signal you can see the vertex just to the right of the OEM turn signal, just for reference.

  6. H&HPropertyMait

    H&HPropertyMait Senior Member
    Messages: 558

    Off topic, but that truck is a DNR truck up at the silver lake sand dunes. Hart, MI. That things lights up at night, wow.
  7. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    Very good eye sir! It certainly is. One of my favorite trucks. Although they are getting a 2011 soon that is going to put this truck to shame. Andy does some awesome work!
  8. H&HPropertyMait

    H&HPropertyMait Senior Member
    Messages: 558

    I hope they go powerstroke this time around! I'm excited to see it next summer.
  9. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    Negative. It's a lifted Extended Cab gasser.
  10. Dissociative

    Dissociative 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,066

    i use a butyl rubber self adhesive material that i cut into patches to cover the entire exterior holes... completely weatherproof and stays flexible and strong in snow and ice....its actually meant for an exterior sealing application so its GREAT...