Having a prob with my Minute mount plow


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Hi Guysm this is the new guy to the forum. My names alan, in from rhode island and let me tell you im kinda upset about the little amount of snow we got!! Anyways, My question to all the Pro's here, I have an 8 ft fisher minute mount on my powerstroke, and when ever I push the left arrow on my fish stick, the plow hesitates, jerks to the right a little bit, and then proceeds to go all the way to the left. Also, when I push the right arrow, the light for my blinker in the cab of the truck, lights up. Does it sound like a bad ground? Dirty connector?? When you have the plow on the truck, that serves as the ground for the lights right??? Any help would be great
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First off, "Welcome"! As for the problem...

Often when electrical stuff acts "weird" the cause is a poor ground. This is because the current is trying to find it's way back to ground the easiest way it can, and if it happens to be through a light circuit (causing it to light up) that's where it'll go!

Check your connector plug first, for corrosion or damaged pins. Now, I don't know anything about the Minute Mount setup but I would presume there should be a pin for ground on the plug. Dirt and/or corrosion buildup (even slight) on the mounts would cause ground problems. That's all I can offer, I'm sure others with more experience will have a solution for you! Good luck. And welcome to the forum - nice having you aboard. No doubt in my mind someone out there will have the answer. Looking forward to sharing info with you in the future.

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I don't have any experience with Fisher plows either, but I am pretty good with vehicle electronics.

Bad grounds can cause a lot of weird things to happen. I would start checking those first. Also, if you have a meter or a test light, I would start checking the wires. Make sure they're getting the signal they need to be getting.



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There are grounds in the harness. The frame does not serve as the main ground. There is a large battery cable that goes back to the battery as well as a small ground for the lights and controls. It sounnds like you definatelyhave a bad ground to me. Recheck all connnections and look for corrossion or loose connections.


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Try the original joy stick type controler first, I have heard alot of peole have probs with the fishstick. If the joy stick still has the same problems, then proceed from there.


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Clean up all your connections!!!!

My western asts up when there is corrosion on the terminals, clean them up and put some grease on them so they don't corroid!!!

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