Have you had a night like this?


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So last night it's pouring rain and about 39 degrees. Not a care in the world. My wife and I get to go out for the first time in a while without the kids to go see a Christmas Concert at the college. Free tickets were given to me. 1200 people have packed this Chapel and a little over half of the way through the concert a Police Officer comes down the aisle (We were sitting in the front row) and tells me its been snowing for about 20 minutes and there is 2" already on the roads. I thought he was joking with me. Sure enough I look out and see flakes the size of tennis balls falling, I have to leave my wife at the concert hall and go down to the shop in my nice clothes and dress shoes and grab the truck to start salting the roads. (good thing I keep a pair of boots in my truck) I called in another guy to salt the walks so when the concert gets out these people can walk around without falling and drive away on safe campus roads. Someone from the school offers to drive my wife home when she can't find me after the concert lets out and when I come home an hour and a half later there is nothing, nada, zip, zero, snow at my house which is 4 miles from the college. When I left the college to drive home it had changed back to rain and the temp was climbing back up and stayed above freezing all night long. :realmad:


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Happened Saturday (yesterday). Had a handiman over doing some work. Another guy came by to pick up some stuff. A PlowSite member was coming by in the afternoon. In the middle of this, I went over to take care of a problem with a potential client (smoothed out a misunderstanding and got the account). THEN, I get back home and the wife says a customer called for SANDING. It's raining for God's sake. But this is a commercial client and needs his business sanded, so I go five miles to get the sander loaded, then eight miles in the other direction to drop about 1/4 yard on his lot.

Why did he need sanding? Well, he didn't bother plowing the lot the day before when it snowed 4", thinking it would just melt away. Then when it froze and got rain on top of that, he was in trouble.

He paid well for it, though. When I told him how much, he didn't even balk or start to argue.

The most amazing part? He bought his own truck and plow to save on plowing costs. He thought my proposal for plowing last year was too much. They were behind the store while I was sanding.

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