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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JCurtis, Oct 23, 2000.

  1. JCurtis

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    Why so many incompetent drivers ( non snowplow drivers of course) end up on a road during a snow storm?

    The only fools that should be out during a storm are guys like us who are insane enough to buy trucks and plows just to make the world a better place to live, so the rest of the world can get around in the winter !!!!

    The best thing that ever happend during a storm was when the Governor of Connecticut ( the late Ella Grasso) closed the state during one of the worst blizzards in recent time
    (early 80's, can't remember the exact year)

    It made it illegal to be on the road unless u were operating a plow vehicle. they actually called the national guard to transport medical staff to hospitals in their 6x6's it was a heck of a winter.

    Does anyone recall that?

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
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    no, but a guy shur can dream.
    too much snow is not enough for me!
  3. DaveO

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    Blizzard of '78

  4. thelawnguy

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    Yes it was the 78 blizzard (she died in 1980).

    That storm was the one and only time I rode my snowmobile on the Interstate. (13 year old kids will do anything). It was too deep for my old Snowbird snowblower-the machine would just tunnel under it so I would man the blower and my brother would hack off chunks of snow and toss em into the auger.
  5. cat320

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    I think when it snows every one just gets in there cars to bust our chops.I can't tell you how many people where getting in my way when i was plowing.I felt like running them of the road.and it was '78 for the big blizard
  6. GeoffD

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    Well i guess i am lucky. In maine you have the traditional, commuter trafic, which is probably peanuts to you guys. However when it snows, from about 7 PM to 7 AM you and the Dot and town trucks own the roads. In fact i have been know to take a break with the public works garage, with the guys.

  7. cat320

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    Geoff,I use to work for a town and they are a great bunch of guys.We use to take many coffee breaks waiting for it to acumulate again on my route there was just me and another guy with a six wheeler with a 12' oneway then i would be behind him pushing back to the curb.But i like being on my own and plowing .not as much fun but i get down quicker.
  8. diggerman

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    I and 4x4's have a love, hate relationship,they allow me to plow snow, but every moron with an SUV wants to see if he or she can make it to the store to buy a pack of gum during the worst storm of the season. They are then pissed because they slide into my truck while I am plowing. As far as I am concerned when it snow they should stay home I give snow joy riders NO leaway period they can move for me or just wait.
  9. iowastorm

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    Thanks for insulting me and my SUV. For you guys not familiar with the Midwest, we've got this crowd of people that go 4 wheeling in their hillbilly cadillacs (Ford pick-up trucks complete with lift kit and gun rack; 1970's vintage) right after the bar closes. Whenever there is a snow storm (in Iowa a big snowstorm is anything over 1" of snow)you can usually find Digger and his friends doing this.
    Never done it myself, just heard about it. Anyway, I really think our neck of the woods is due for a big one; something over 15". Anyone else feel this way?
  10. BRL

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    Our Governor Whitman in NJ declared the same state of emergency that Jeff mentioned for the Blizzard of '96. Most businesses didn't open for the Monday and a lot for the Tuesday following. I think on Monday the only vehicles on the road were the only ones physically (4WD etc.) able to get around. Mucho snow still on the roads. What fun!
  11. John Allin

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    I go away for just one week, and ..... they promote one of the inmates to help oversee the funny farm..... god finally arrives and we send him away.... digger and storm are still at it......

    Did ya miss me ??
  12. plowking35

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    I must say John more than one person thought you were god, but not even you thinks that much of himself.
    Hope you had a good vacation, no time off now till after snow season.
    BTW, lock down and lights off.
  13. John Allin

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    Me ??

    Far from it. I make mistakes.... lots of them. Sorta hope I learn from them, though.

    They had internet service on the ship. Peggy and I walked by that spot, she looked at me, and said..."don't even THINK about it". That was the last of THAT.
  14. BRL

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    Good for Peggy! Vacation is vacation!! You're not supposed to think anything about work. I hope you had a great time. Glad you're back because Iowa was getting kinda bored with us riff raff types you left behind to post here. ;)
  15. Snow Pro

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    I will vote for the first presidential candidate who allows us to ticket obnoxious drivers who get in our way!
  16. Skookum

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    We had a 12" storm a year ago here that shut the town down for three days. City spent a whole week trucking snow from the downtown area. There was no where to push snow. Then on top of the snow was some freezing rain.

    I had most drives with 4' drifts that covered the entire drives. I broke two single stage blowers, one two stage. Someone hit my trailer that was hauling our tractor, which finally just got too cold for the hydro. The plow truck was finally dead, stalled on the very, very last push, of course after I sent my other truck back home. I did not have a self contained booster with me (DO NOW).

    We had that "Ilegal to be out", who enforces that? Seemed like every other non 4x4 was out when I was trying to work. Anyone know of anyone that is caught? I think what it means is, if you get stuck and need emergency help, and they cannot get to you, then you cannot sue the city, county or state for the long delay to get to you! Or maybe, if you get stuck and they have to use emergency equipment to get to you then they can fine (bill) you for it.
  17. Deere John

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    Howabout the SUV driver who braved the snow to get to and from the 7-11, only to whip into the parking lot, into her spot just as I was backing up the row for another long push?? She came within 6 inches of sharing the seat with her door and my pintle hook. Most people figure we have nothing but time on our hands and they should expect us to wait on them because they are not able to cope with the snow as well as us and... on it goes. I really like the dark hours for plowing.

    In some areas (ski areas and mountain passes), I have seen signs and was stopped once during a spot check, to ensure than those travelling on the road have good tires and a set of tire chains. No ticky, turn back. No treads, ticky. I guess they do not want to have to rescue those who are not smart enuf to avoid a problem in the first place.

    No snow in North Bay yet - new Boss goes on next Tuesday.
  18. Snow Pro

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    I wish we had illegal to be out times around Chicago. Too many people with too many things to do (like get in our way).
  19. SlimJim Z71

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    I couldn't agree more Snow Pro. Remember that big storm we got right around Christmas '98/99? I think it might have been New Years weekend... I was out for about 16 hours straight plowing. The city trucks gave up! BUT... there were still a lot of people out in there cars wondering why they ended up in the ditch. Unbelievable. <img src=http://smilecwm.tripod.com/net2/burnout.gif>