Have plows, will travel

We here in Indianapolis have very unreliable snow and in the last few years have had very little snow work to do. If there are any large snow contractors out there who could use sub-contractors on a regular basis, we have two plow trucks ready to travel. We are also available for snow emergencies in other cities. If you guys need some help, let me know if we can be of assistance.

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Any highway driving over 45 mph for any length of time and my truck will overheat...quicker when its above freezing! My cooling system isn't as....up-to-snuff as I'd like, but I always remember having overheating problems with any of my plows at highway speeds.

Do you not experience this?


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I bought a truck in the summer of 96 with a Fisher Minute Mount plow. I had to drive it about 50 miles home with the plow mounted. I lowered the plow close to the ground and watched the temperature gauge like a hawk. I made it with no problem!


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S. Maine
Wow we never had any overheating problems with our 9' on our trucks we even back dragged a little dirt in the summer and had a 20 minute drive to and back. We also run diesels and not sure if thats the reason why for cooller temp (it looks like a big Ford radiator vs the smaller ones in the gassers)


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I was particularly concerned with Bills truck style/engine/Boss plow. As they are comparable to mine. Fords DO have a larger radiator, frontal intake, and sit higher above the plow, so they would probably do better in this situation.

Mine is a 1990 Chevy with the 7.4L engine and 3speed TH400. I ordered it from the factory with EVERY option available. The cooling system from day one has been marginal. One example is the fact that I DID

not have a FACTORY external tranny cooler! :realmad:

With traditional straight plows, lowering the plow withen inches of the ground helps tremendously, however with the V plow, this isn't nearly as effective. 3/4 of my grill area is covered by the BOSS hydraulic pump box and light tower.

Hope this clarifies my concerns.


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Bryan, Ohio
I have a 2000 GMC 6.0L with Boss 8'2 V plow.

Just took a two hour drive with it and temp ran normal the whole way. 55 - 60 MPH

No problems.

By the way, I travel too!

Just give me a call.

Got Grass?

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Western New York
FLL, sorry to hear that mother nature is making it that hard on your guys out there. Not making any $ per push as there's nothing to push & why would anyone want to sign a contract thinking it's gunna be a waste of $$$....
I hope everyone else in your situation gets 4ft of snow & lots of flag downs!!!!

I'm also willing to help anyone else out.
With the lake effect, we can get 7ft & 5 miles away nothing. Or the other way arround, anyone in the south towns or Rochester that ever need help with a big storm. I can be there in no time.
Also willing to travel larger distances for emergencys & ice storms. Chainsaws, tow/log chains, plow, blowers, trailer or whatever else needed.

You big guys how do you manage to travel such great distances & help out. Like when everyone came up here last christmas? Not how you get here but how to you manage to find so much work?
National contracts? Call up other co's? Some list I dont know about? Simply asking people on the streets?
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TLS i have the exact same truck if your talking about your 90'.
I had the same problem last year so here is what i did, i installed a 7 blade flex fan "NO clutch" and a 185 thermostat. The fan is reverse rotation so make sure you buy the right one. I can drive my truck in 70 degree weather with the plow all the way up and the temp stays right at 205 - 215. I run a western straight blade but it still covers the whole front of the truck. I hope this works for you.



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Thanks for the tips.

I run a 180 degree Robertshaw. Anything over 210 is considered "overheating" to me, so... :(

I would like to have a clutch fan that will engage at 185 not 215 or whatever this stocker does. Plus above 2500 rpm, it will disengage (highway speed is 3000 rpm)

My clutch fan is probably just calibrated a little too high from the factory, plus its probably worn out! I know a guy that "makes" low temp thermostatic clutch fans for 6.5 Diesels. Have to get him to retrofit one for this Rat.

Did yours come with an external tranny cooler? Or just the rad tank pass through cooler?

Although you do block most of your grill with the straight blade, a Vee, by design, is all but engineered to prevent ALL airflow!!

Thanks again!


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It came with an external tranny cooler.I tried the $80.00 clutch,,then the $120 clutch and they both were a waste of money.. didn't solve the problems for me.

210 -220 is a good temp for a big block. Even my 02' runs at 215 all the time

And yes the Vee plows do block the whole truck;

Got Grass,
I will keep your offer in mind. I dont have a ton of accounts because this is a part time side business for me. However, I do work with a couple of large outfits that may need a hand in a blizzard. Its strange how the weather in our 2 cities can differ sometimes, everyone whos ever plowed a flake knows of the legendary storms you guys got last year. I dont know if you remember but 4 years ago we got hammered w/ about 4 feet in 2 days. Your offer is great to keep in mind and its likewise for me, I will do my best to help you out in Buffalo if the need arises.



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Are you guys running deisels or gassers?
Deisels run more efficiently at higher temps than gas engines, so 210-215 wouldn't be a problem for a deisel where as it would be for a gas.
When I bought my F350(88) with the *' Fisher, I bought it from a city about 100 miles away. Garage guy tells me run the plow low going home and I should be fine. Got 15 miles out and peg the guage. Wait and go and peg it again. I'm running the plow so low I scraped a couple road seams. After about 50 miles in 3 hours of this I say to heck with it and just pull the plow all the way up and drive like crazy. Truck ran great at normal temp and I never had a problem. Looks like it took better flow from under the plow than over through the grill:rolleyes:


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I have a 95 K2500 with a 8' straight blade. I can run it straight around town and it'll stay at 180-200. I definitly angle it on the highway. Even then it MAY BARELY touch 200. My 83 GMC C3500 8' straight, 190. I put a 4 core rad in it. Also has a electric fan but haven't used it since the bigger rad.