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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by CMerLand, Feb 4, 2001.

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    Looks like I'm going to be on the short side of this comeing storm scheduled for monday morning. The current forcasts says we are looking at one to two inches before changing over to rain. This means aside from going out to do some salting in the morning until the changeover happens I've got little to do.

    Now then that same forecast says 30 to 50 miles northwest of me is supposed to be hammered with 6-12 inches.

    Therefore, willing to do sub work for someone within this 50 mile radius of Trenton NJ who may have overbooked (right Bill G) their snow schedule, or need additional trucks in a big storm.

    Have three trucks and two drivers so let me know what you need. Two 8 foot plows on F-250 pickups or 1 of these trucks and the 350 dump with plow and speedcaster 2 sander.
    Also have a 9 hp simplicity snowblower.

    Would prefer to stick with commercial properties (banks, office parks, stip malls etc) and preferably properties that have been properly staked. Just put us on a property and then let us know where to next.

    You let us know how you pay your subs be it per hour or per job and we'll go from there.

    Have cert of insurance and 13 years experience, other driver not as fast but getting better.

    Yes I'm serious. Answer here or leave an email at CMerLand @ aol.com with your phone numbers and we'll give you a call.

    BRL, if you guys are to get more then us, let me know and I'll give you first choice seeing as how your a truck short and we already know each other.

    Hoping to do some business. Any questions leave a reply.


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    Seeing as how I am planning to drive all the way to Mahwah (last exit before NY) on Tuesday just in the hopes of selling a snowplow at the NJLCA swap meet, pretty much as far as I have too. Be great if I can stay in NJ, even better if I can use a major highway to get there.

    Email me your phone number so neither of us have to post it on this forum, and I'll be happy to talk to you.

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    Wash out here. Just got up for me 3:00 am check to see how much snow we got and....0...bubkis....goose-egg....shut out. Hell, I dont even have the luxury of a little freezing rain.

    So in that great American tradition (once I get done p*issing and moaning) I need to go West young man. Or northwest, or north to find some plowing action.

    Any takers???

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    hey cmberland.. since its rain by you that means its heading my way in bklyn, ny. i guess i should head north behind you..

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    I guess this is a good reason to sell in contracts for a seasonal maintence program. Getting paid if it snows or not.
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    From now on you will listen when BRL says you will be doing winter work in your market, when BRL tells you snow is coming ;) Never doubt my forecasting abilities LOL. I'm still waiting for your trucks to arrive. Glad to hear you got your own snow (like I told ya). Maybe next time.
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    Hey Bill,

    That Millienium forecast guy was pretty much on the money with his forecast compared to the other crap that I was reading or seeing on TV/Weather channel.

    Forecast was for snow changing to rain with no accumulation,,,,it turned out heavy rain turned to HEAVYYY wet snow of about 4 inches. I turned on my local news hoping that theyd fire the weatherman but alas no, he still employed. What a great job, you get to be wrong every day and still keep your job. I say since they cant predict it until its actually falling outside the studio, how bout the just stick up their 5 day foreguess for 30 seconds and expand sports coverage.

    Personal note: Just wanted to congratulate me on achieveing member status here at lawnsite and thank all the people whove put up with my lame ass posts to allow me to achieve that goal. Senior member here I come LOL!!!!!