Has anyone put Pro wings on sno-way 26 series plow

Discussion in 'Universal PlowControls' started by b.bruck, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. b.bruck

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    Im really wanting to put wings on my sno-way plow. Did not think that the plexi could hold up to a wing. I have installed the steel insert and got rid of the junk plexi
  2. cubanb343

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    What gauge steel is it? It sorta looks like thin stainless, if so I highly doubt it could handle the pro wings
  3. basher

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    No the Polycarbonate is not designed for wing, nor is the 26 series dedsigned to handle prowings. Not to say you can not install wings I would just consider Lampert's wings instead. Call and talk to Nick, tell him Basher sent you
  4. Detroitdan

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    hey Basher I couldnt find anything on the website about wings. Where can I find info, like pics or pricing?
  5. basher

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    You have to call (303) 433-8746 or you can Send an Instant Message to nbenallo33 Using...
    Yahoo! nickbenallo
  6. BKFC255

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    If any one finds out the prices can you post them. I am just wondering what they cost I have a MT.