Has anyone heard if we are suppost to get a good snow in NE?


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Nova Scotia
Just listening to the news on El Nino, the last time it was like this was 97, so I looked up my plow records for 97, only 16 plowable events, compared to 45 last year and 38 the year before. We had snow early in the fall of 96, but I noted January as no snow and warmer then normal, and Feb as lots of rain!
It will be interesting to compare this year with 97, but the one predicable about the weather here is it is unpredicable!



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Last year the Farmer's Almanac predicted above normal snowfall and colder weather for 2001-02 winter in the Northeast in Upstate New York. The result at the end of season: way below snowfall and mild weather. Got 28" of snow last year, only a couple plowable events. Normal snowfall in a seaon here is 70". I would not always depend on long term prediction. All we can do is to wait and see. Hopefully that this winter will be much better than last year.

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