Has anybody used "Herculiner" DIY bedliner?


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I'm posting this on all three truck brand forums, hoping to get some first ahnd inpressions of Herculiner do-it-yourself bedliner kits. I'm thinking that stuff would work good for coating the bed and headboard of the body I'm building for my S-10. But no point in trashing a hundred bucks if it's crappola either. Has anybody used it or have any knowledge of someone who has?


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I put it in my Plumbers truck and it seems to have held up well, and was fairly easy to apply. I smells much like the space shuttle paint that others on this forum are using to paint their plows so apply in a well ventalated area.
used it on my truck about 4 years ago, the stuff works great, I literally abused my bed in that truck(Ford F250) it did crack of on the tailgate though this last summer.

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