Has anybody used Herculiner bed liner kits?


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I'm posting this on all three truck brand forums, hoping to get some first ahnd inpressions of Herculiner do-it-yourself bedliner kits. I'm thinking that stuff would work good for coating the bed and headboard of the body I'm building for my S-10. But no point in trashing a hundred bucks if it's crappola either. Has anybody used it or have any knowledge of someone who has?


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Yes we have used a product like that however we got the NAPA brand.

In a pick up truck bed, it doesn't last forever. However we have used it on the floor of equipment or on the steps getting into a truck, and have had verry good luck.



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ALAN, i have used that very same product in my enclosed trailer bed. it,s been down for 2yrs. now and still going strong. the key to this is to prep the steel or wood or whatever correctly. no dust or rust.


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Put the Herculiner in the bed on my 94, and also did the rockers. Stood up for about two years, needs a re-do. Don't get it on your hands, you'll be peeling it off for a week.


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I have part of the bed on my 99 done with Heculiner, the reason that I say part is because, only about half the bed still has it down. Most of it came up when I had to pick up 2 pallets of retaining wall blocks, and had them loaded on the back of the truck. Everything was fine until the fork lift operator brought the second pallet over pushed the first pallet to the front of the truck. Now all of the liner is gone on the top of the ribs in the bed. I just desided, screw it, it's a truck bed thats what its ment for, to get scrached and dented.