Harbor Freight Paint Sprayer Worked Great

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    I used the harbor freight siphon paint sprayer, model #97855 to undercoat my truck with fluid film. Worked great, however adjusted to the heaviest spray it could make it was still slight foggy. Covered well but was putting a haze in the shop. So I returned it and bought the same model basically with a few different specs. I will try that one soon and post the results. First gun tried, 97855, used 10cfm @ 60psi which was overwhelming for my compressor which didn't help. Gun also had a 1.8mm nozzle tip. New gun, #43760, is the same design but states 1.5cfm @ 30psi and I believe about 6cfm @ 55psi. Much better for compressor to keep up with. Also states it has a 2mm tip which I hope will give off less product fog. However the box and website say 2mm tip and the manual inside and online says 1.8mm tip. So who knows.... Buy the canister liners, makes the job a breeze to clean up

    First gun $24

    Second gun $18
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    I found that the off the shelf sprayers wasted way too much Fluid Film and did not atomize it well. It tended to come out in gobs. The real Fluid Film spray guns that are made for Fluid Film do a much better job and you use a lot less Fluid Film and get a better spray pattern. Mine came with the long extension to spray inside the frame rails and doors.
    Fluid Film spray guns
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    I did my share of experimenting with cheap guns. The pro-gun is where it's at.
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