Had fun today!!!!!


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I got bored with all the rain we are having, I went and found a mudhole and got the f-250 nasty, didn't get in the real boggy part cause the a/t tires on it are not that great, in fact I thought I was fixin to stick it,the truck was covered in mud, that powerstroke was screaming. It was fun, but I will clean it up now and not do that for a long while, too expensive of a toy to abuse.
Had to try the 4 x 4 out, and it is 4 wheel locking, they all were spinning!!!!!!!!!


all that rain you got came my way last night i couldnt pass up the chance i took my 79 chevy 4x4 and went playing in the mud in a field i just plowed up last week now i have a dirty truck and a messed up field tryed to stick mine so the boys could get out in the mud to hook up the winch but couldnt stick it

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