Guess What I saw Saturday morning?


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WOO HOO! Sorry bout the shouting, but I saw flurries yesterday morning. There wasn't even a trace of accumulation, but it is getting closer. Michigan is predicted to get 2" by the morning from lake effect in upper elevations. Denver and Wyoming (Yosemite) as well.

I won't likely get an event in my area until late November, at best. However, seeing some flurries was quite exciting, I must admit! It is going to be in the 20's tonight. Just letting you all know, don't get caught by surprise this season because it seems we are having a very early fall in our area, at least by recent standards. No guarantees, but I wish you all the best!

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Cary, IL
Where in Illinois are you from? I woke up this morning to a frost covered back yard. Nothing real exciting about that, but it does mean the snow's coming. I'd better hurry up and get my plow cleaned up.


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Rained most of yesterday, today is chilly & blustery (just under 40 F) and one of the grey clouds just delivered some snowflakes.

Melted as soon as it hit the ground, and that cloud has moved on, but like you said - the real stuff is getting closer!

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Western New York
oh no

I just snowed here for about 5-10 min came down real fast.
Its 44 now so nothing stuck.
If you happen to be watching the Bills game you may have saw some flakes.

Makes me relize I need to get these contracts signed real soon.
Going arround tommarow getting some done. Time is a comming.

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We had a great snowstorm this morning. Visibility in the city was down to about 100ft. Most of it melted away but there is still some left on the roofs and some lawns. I am not ready for the snow yet. I still have about 200 quotations still out there that still are open. I hate when they wait till the last moment. I have 3 possible extra employees that are left hanging (whether I need them or not). I am hoping this snow will kick start some to sign their contracts.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
Snowed here too..... didn't stick, but it was comin down for awhile there.

Didn't 'smell' like snow, though - so I wasn't worried.

Alan Addict
Spit snow here too

It was spitting snow a little here just before dark. I'd expect to see the mountains white in the morning. Six weeks and we'll have snow down here in the valley. Still plenty to do to be ready for it.

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Pat - a little bit of the snow you had in Barrie must have wanted Orillia to feel "included": I was out running a couple of errands about an hour ago and it came down pretty good - for a few minutes anyway. Must have smelled the fresh paint on the plow............................

If this trend keeps up, I WILL have to bring the new bike home on a trailer once it's done! ;)

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Central CT
the absolute earliest we will get "movable" snow is around November 15th or so, two years ago plowed on the 14th, most years we plow something by thanxgiving, do the math, its not that far away...


just give us 1 more weekend of decent weather, buddy has a demo derby sat afternoon, i just painted the car and looks pretty good. after that let it snow, let it snow. we had snow on the ground for just over 100 days last year if i remember correctly, i loved it. hopefully not so d@#$*& cold this year, those payments to mid american energy for natural gas bout put me into shock.

p.s. if anyone gets to central iowa this weekend check out the covered bridge festival in winterset, home of the covered bridges of madison county and john wayne's birthplace.

see ya there
mark k

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Photo proof

Richford, VT got about an inch on the ground last night. Enough so that some of it survived the drive to Milton this morning. My daughter brought this with her when she came to drop her dog off for me to crittersit. Richford is about 40 miles northeast of us. against the Canadian border and quite a bit higher.

it's starting.jpg


I was traveling west on 17/86 in NY yesterday morning. Snow was on the ground in the mountains. Drove through a slight blizzard. Passing through Erie, we had hail and snow.

Are you ready Mr. Allin?

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It reach us today ! few period of flurries, but this morning my electrician came home and he has 1 or 2 inches of slush on the roof of his car. He live only 10 miles from here. I'am jealous

The almanac predict a 6-12 inches storm for the end of november.

BRRRRRrrrrr weather drop above freezing point, 6 month ago has been a warm day....

Phone will ring tommorow...


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Where I skydive, about 45 minutes southwest of where I live, there was a good layer of white on the ground this morning. The sun came out & it all melted by mid-morning, but it was still a little cold "up top" (about -9 Celcius at 10,000 feet) :eek:

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Cary, IL
So let me get this straight. Not only do you jump out of an airplane (which is not on fire, nor is it in danger of crashing), but you jump out of an airplane when it's -9-degrees Celcuis?!?!?!?!? Crazy... :rolleyes: LOL!


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It was only -9 Celcius up top - down on the ground it was a balmy +8 Celcius or something like that.............. :D

But, I will admit I "wimped out" on riding the motorcycle to the DZ - the truck has sat all summer so it needed a good run anyway! ;)

Actually, I think this year will probably be similar to last: A "plowable snowfall" around mid-November, and the snow pretty much stayed on the ground through March.

The several preceding years saw snow not arrive until late December - we were close to a "green Christmas" those seasons!

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