Guess they try their best


Went to bed last night with a forecast of 1 to 4 inches of snow.
Woke up this morning with a foot of fresh stuff and it is still coming down.

Was still rummy when I got up, as the dog wanted to take a whiz. Opened the back door, the dog went down the steps and darned near disappeared !

Well, guess I'd better get back in the rig and finish up.

Love our weather service..........


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Sierra's, Ca
You guys got all of our snow this year! When I tried to find a particular blade I was told that they had all been shipped to your neck of the woods. The ski resort above us normally get 18 to 30 feet. I think they have maybe 8 feet. I spent $35,000 on new equipment last fall and would be really embarrassed to tell you what I made... And yes, they even have trouble forcasting a "weekend" here let alone a real storm!


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Walla Walla, WA
Some of us up in the northwest did not get as lucky!!

This year was very weird, some areas around here got HUGE amounts of snow..

Other areas are far behind, such as mine. We average 17-18"
a year which is 4-5plows on the average.

This year we had a 4" snow dec. 27, and a 2" snow the first
week of March, that was it. Have had several traces, and half rain/snow that never stuck.

50 miles from here they have had no snow at all, but the
other direction has had near record snow amounts.???

Hard to figure, and even harder to budget......


Know just what you mean. It's been a weird year. 3W.....we almost bought a place in Arnold. If I remember right, there was lots of snow in '91 and '92. Not to worry ....that 35K of equipment will come into play sooner rather than later.

Timm9.....can't belive it. My nephew in Coure D'Alene says they got buried this year. The story goes that some of the guys up there are putting a "don't" in front of their Meyer "Let it Snow" bumper stickers! A good time to make sure all is ready for next year.

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