Ground temps?

BRL - Veteran
Somerset, NJ
In the thread about air temp gauges Dino made the following valid point:
"Of course air temp is really inmaterial, unless you know the ground temps as well."
Anybody determining the ground temps & how are you doing it? I saw in a catalog once a pricy laser gadget that you could poke into the ground to get the soil temp. Is there an easy maybe cheaper way to get the asphalt temps?

John DiMartino Veteran
I just started using my lazer to check ground temps.i am not sure if the lazer is dead on accurate as far as degrees go,but im charting trmps and rates that i apply at pretreating,and if i can get enough info to know exactly how much i can put down and still keep the bond from forming,Ill be able to save money.I have had the lazer for a yr,since I am still a PT auto mechanic,i originally bought it for automotive was about 100 bucks at Napa,if im at the garage later,ill get the brand and #'s off it.

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