Ground starting to unthaw

GeoffD Veteran
The ground up my way is starting to unthaw. It is going to be interesting on the next storm. I would say there is sold frost an one or two inches below the surface. Won't be long before the mud starts.

We picked up a load of cold patch last week, we will use about 7 or 9 tons by the time we are done for the season.


75 Addict
It's already started!

At my workplace, the mud is already here. We've had a few real spring days and although the temps drop down at night, the snow keeps melting. If we get another snowfall (I'm not ruling out that possibility!) it will be REAL interesting to plow!

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
We've had spring-like conditions for a few weeks now, and we got a snowfall last saturday... WET AND HEAVY!!!.

But... at least I got one more plowing in.


Alan Addict
I just ran the route and checked my residentials. Where the snow pack has melted off it's definately thawed into the gravel. Forecast is calling for 3-7 by tomorrow night so there is the potential for some nasty plowing. I won't be pushing much past the pavement on those that are paved as any exposed turf is definately in the mud stage right now. I find my heart is not really in it at this time of year, I'm ready for spring.
It's mud season now in our logging - we are in the short strokes of the haul, and have shifted to night work to maximize the frost we run on. Nonetheless, my truck has globs of mud on the roof already, so spring is here. Still 32" of snow in the bush though.

Our plowing jobs are mostly back down to pavement and gravel - really hope we don't have to plow any more because it will be messy and look terrible. Our usual strategy at this time of year is to drive really fast to the per-push accounts, then have a leisurely B+E breakfast, and drive really slow to the contracts, with our sunglasses on. :)

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