Ground Hog predicts 6 more weeks of winter


Winter doesn't necessarily snow though. It could be lots of cold. But, the winter trend here is snow.

LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!


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Oh no BRL; you're beginning to sound like a forecaster. Soon you'll be venturing out here to the Plains in conquest of severe weather.

BTW: Every outlook we had here in IA for precipitation, temperatures, etc. by our state climatologist and the NWS were wrong; go figure.
The MRF is showing a pretty potent system hitting you guys next week.

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Nova Scotia
Our 2 Canadian ground hogs only predicted 2 weeeks more weeks of winter, Whyerton Willy & Shubenacadie Sam. But I just counted my hours and I spend 42 hours plowing since Feb 1. I hope our's are right. Deere John You live closer to Willy What do you think?

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