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Looking at a nice Chevy 83 34 PU, 350, automatic trans to use on farm. The body is in great shape but makes a bad grinding noise when starting. I have heard this same sound or noise on other automatic trans equiped ChevyGM vehicles in past. The noise generaly gets worse till teeth start coming off flywheel. I know this problem can be fixed, a friend in high school had same problem with 77 1/2 ton. However, he went through several flywheels and starters before soulution was found and I cannot remember what he did. I would like to buy this truck but will not consider it till I know problem can be fixed with reasonable effort/cost. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Starters generaly have shims with them. And if those had got left out, it will cause the starter to make all kinds of racket and break parts. Too many shims will move starter drive gear farther away from the fly wheel causing the teeth to barely mesh, chewing up the gears in the prosses.

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In order to know how bad the flywheel is,the inspection sheild or starter must be pulled and the flywheel teeth inspected,if they are chewed up at all or the edgesare ground off,the tranny needs to be pulled and the flywheel replaced.The starter drive needs to be replaced at this time too.Then it needs to be properly shimmed,i startw ith no shims and crank it,sometimes its fine,if its noisey,start adding small shims,one at a time until the noise is gone.Do not use the truck if the shimming is off,the new flywheel and starter will be chewed up to.

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