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Does anyone request that curbs in snow stock pile areas be ground. Last year we asked some of our accounts if they would grind the curbs at the end of runs where we would most likely pile snow. The areas are ground to have sort of drive way entrance look. This has reduced the damage to my trucks and unsightly looking curbs,it also allows the snow to be pushed back further.We also have talked to them on new construction so these area do not have to be ground and the sod and dirt levels are at the right height.Just wondering if anyone else does this and how has it worked.
We have worked alittle towards educating people about making considerations for we poor snow removal letches. Most people give it not one seconds thought - architechs are particularly bad when they get going with the concrete slip-form curbs.

The same goes for flower beds and raised-walkways where we used to pile snow. The customers usually don't like the answer when I tell them it will cost 20 percent more this year because the easy place to pile the snow is gone.

I agree that the low-profile curbs are a pleasure to work with, otherwise we leave some snow at the concrete curb to freeze and create a ramp. In North Bay, we have winter without too many mild spells to melt our ramps - others in the south may have more problems.

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This is where you earn your monry i guess. Sometimes ya got to just roll with the punches and do the best with what ya have to work, site wise and equipment wise.

I do all the plowing for this one guy, at several different locations. Well one winter i was talking to him, and he told me he would be building a new building, and said i need you to plow it, ect. Well we started talking, and i took a drive out to the site, and found a huge drop off, in the back. I asked hime what he was going to do, the landscaper had sold him on the idea of an 4' berm with trees or something crazy. I guess the guy had some junk fill he needed to sell. I told him. to put in a lot, and have a gardrail, with removable rails, with pins to keep the rails on the post. With a curb about 3' behind the post, after the curb there is another 3' of grass, before the drop off starts. This way before we plow, we can remove to pins and rails, push the snow back, and never have to worry about needing a loader. The worst case is the snow backs up to a point, where your just stacking it on the gardrail. Anyways its a lot better then what was planned before. So if given the chance make any recomendations you can. I like cape cod curve, and it is used a lot, because the plow will ride up over it easly.


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