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Great Prices

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by Seaside, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Seaside

    Seaside Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Larese Enterprises in Milford Ct has great prices on 810's $4,900.00 + Tax
  2. ChipsEarthWorks

    ChipsEarthWorks Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 105

    Still got those prices??
  3. ThisIsMe

    ThisIsMe Senior Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 745

    Talk about spam.....

    Either way take a trip to NH, $4300 and tax free.
  4. Ole Tower

    Ole Tower Senior Member
    from MAINE
    Messages: 210

    Blizzard Plows

    whats a 7 ft Blizzard used to plow personal drive way--OFF an 06 1/2 Ton 4X4 Dodge--Like NEW! OLeTower@webtv.net I got ONE! but it Won*t Fit my 96 Ford F-350