Great New business !! Wrong truck ??


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I'm new to plowing and have tons of questions! The good news is a good friend of mine is 1 of the biggest developers in the area and has given me enough small plaza type lots to do to pay for my truck for the first year. I wound up locating a 2001 Dodge 3500 DRW for a deal I couldnt refuse. Along with this truck another friend has a small dump and a 2500 pick-up The pick-up will be a stand by truck.
My problem is I dont know how a DRW will work out even with a 9' or 10' plow? I'm thinking of a BOSS 8.5' Vplow it opens to 9.5' this will cover the rear wheels but I dont know about spill over. I would appreciate any advice on this and any tips on bidding small/medium lots thanks abbacatt


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I have been using Boss 9'2' V's on my S.D.'s for the last few years. The tires only run in the snow when I am turning. Due to the weight of the plow you should probably ad a set of Timbren or Monroe Muscles rubber load boaster springs to help carry the weightof the plow.

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Welcome to Lawnsite! For a 3500 DRW pickup, I agree with 99SDPSD on the 9.2 V plow. For a straight blade, 9' is as big as I'd go - the 10 footers are intended for trucks in a higher GVW class. (Fisher shows 2 different 9' straight blades in their brochure: the HD 9' which would work on your dually (weight 925#) and the MC 9' which weighs 1690# - it's too heavy for the dually!)

BTW, along the top of the page you'll see a list of options. Click on "Search" and use that feature to look through the forum for previous discussions on this & other subjects. Lots of good info there to be had, put the search feature to work & read away!

Looking forward to sharing ideas & info with you.

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