Gravel in lawns (too much vs. normal)


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How much gravel would/do you guys expect to track with normal snow plow operations?

Large new gravel pad (d1 I think) its very fine. Very little snow this year. Few plows snow was heavy. We hover blade before we hit the lawn. I need to go look at the "gravel piles" I cant remember if the lot is bumpy or not.

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Depends on the drive/lot, what it's made with - my thinking is loose gravel always seems to peel up, always plow it with the plow at least a few inches off the ground and go slow.

Same topic but, the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, oh my lord, from my balcony it looked like two yards of gravel in one of their piles.


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Gravel is a given here. If its not you plowing it up its the Municipal plows covering the frontages. I love it...
Leads to sweeping and grading work...

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