Gotta love maine winters

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Up to 6" on tap for here tomorrow. The banks have thawed back a little since last week but everything is mud as soon as you move off the pavement. I just tore one truck apart today for major body work so I really am not in the mood for this. As of this morning the forecast was for rain and snow with no accumulation numbers given.


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Regretably, I have to agree - I'm not interested in more snow right now. Ground is too soft for the 3"-6" I heard about. I have a snowplow, not a bulldozer. Nothing around here except gravel drives and lots. Nobody would have that little plowed anyway. Besides, my wife just got a new Buick LeSabre last week and she's not wanting to get it muddy. All in all, it's just a nuisance. I'm ready for warm weather so I can start using my air tools I got last fall and start building something. I think one of the first projects is going to be a salt shed.


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I wish I lived in Maine, I wish I lived in Maine, I wish I lived in Maine. Oh well maybe someday my wish will come true. You guy's are fortunate to live in such a beautiful state.

P.S. I hear the Moose are stronger than your Diamond Plows.
I've got relatives that live in Strong. I've got pictures of my grandmothers house right off Rte. 4 that show the drifts up to the 2nd floor windows. My uncle lived across the road. We took his draught ponies out the back of the shed across the roof to get them out to the field. Lots of good that did as the snow was higher than the fences. I've seen some snow in my day, but, nothing like a good drifty winter in Maine. I think that was sometime in the early to mid 60's. My parents remember the snow being OVER the house which was a big 3 story place. Haven't seen snow like that in AT LEAST a couple years around here.

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Maine snow

Thanks for sending it my way. I just put the salt spreader back on, we're supposed to get 9-12", just when I though I would be doing my final billings based on a couple of so-so storms this March. Only thing I hate is I know that any wheel that goes more then 6" off the pavement, will be in 12" of mud. Two years ago I broke an front axle trying to back out! The best thing this year( besides the extra income) is a lot of low ball contractors got caught without the right equipment, and next year we should be able to grab a bunch of new contracts at reasonable prices.

Happy plowing.



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(see my post yesterday about 3"-5"). Forecast changed to 5"-10". I bulldozed 6" at 5:00 this afternoon. Tried lifting the blade a little, but still wound up gouging the gravel. It's still coming down fast. Now predicted 8"-14" with no sign of letting up. I'll need to re-gravel my driveway. Still most people are just letting it pile up and drive on it rather than pay to have it plowed. With this being wet and heavy, it just turns to ice.


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Well, it fizzled here. Out of a forecast 4-8" we ended up with about 2" that staye don top of the existing snow and an inch or so of slush on the pavement. Sun was out early this morning and by 8AM all paved areas were bare and mostly dry. I'm just as happy with that as I'm not into harrowing after I plow. Talked to Vince yesterday and he got hammered down in central NH.

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I ended up with 14".

I hear further north of me, they were plowing the roads with D-8s, because no truck would push the snow. I got plenty to say about this storm, but I need to rest first.


Mike Nelson

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Hey not for nothing,but I can't wait for spring.

Maybe I just can't wait till June,so I can buy all those pictures of beer I promised out in Denver.:D

Good Luck