got MSD?


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Man the forum is dead...anyway...Anyone out there running MSD ignition in their trucks? Is there a noticeable difference in performance? I have a uncle who had MSD in his 1990suburban(fairly new MSD system)and he took it out before he sold it and says that he has the attachments or whatever to convert it over to my truck(85) it worth the time to mess with it? If i dont decide to buy it from him he is going to sell it....I'm wondering more about throttle response more than anything, also gas mileage...maybe 1/2mile per gallon gain?
MSD systems work awesome on most vehicles.They will fire plugs where most ign systems crap out.They will also usually help emissions,drivabilty,power and fuel mileage as well.I have MSD's on all our plow trucks,and no more hard starting,or plug fouling.As far as throttle reponse,it may help some,if the ign sys is what is lacking.If you have other problem,like a crappy carb,it may not help.On my 87 C3500 FI,it really woke it up,plus 1-2 MPG better fuel economy.


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95% of all NHRA drag car, top fuel, etc etc ...its a bad can light a cigarette the spark is so hot ...great product sold them for years ......

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