Got a little board

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    Got a little board today so I deiced to paint my truck see that it has tons of little stone chips in the doors!!! My town love the stone and oil:gunsfiring: and it goes in to get lettered up this week or next. more to come tomorrow




  2. PremierLand

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    Man, I'd hate to see what you do when you get REALLY bored?
    What then, tear down your house? lol
  3. Brant'sLawnCare

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    Do you use that truck for plowing?
  4. Quality SR

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    Nice pictures, keep us updated
  5. merrimacmill

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    Hey maybe when you get "kind of bord" you can build a spray booth with down draft for next time your "a little bord". lol

    But seriously, nice job keep us posted.
  6. OP

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    hey tanks guys:waving: what do i do when i get really board:rolleyes:. Im on my way back this morning to wet sand and buff and will get some more pics. A booth would be nice me and my dad looked into one but seeing that im no longer there full time. Yap thats my plow truck with no snow to push:cry:
  7. Supper Grassy

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    Looks good
  8. Duncan90si

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  9. mike psd

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    good looking shop man can't wait too see the final stages :D
  10. NBI Lawn

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    Thats what I do when I get bored too :dizzy: .

    Looks good
  11. yamaguy

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    I usually just buy a new truck when I get bored.
  12. creativedesigns

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    Sometimes when I'm really bored, I change the air in my tires from summer air to winter air, and top up the halogen fluid in the headlights!:D
  13. OP

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    Its all done after about 5 hrs of wet sanding and buffing:dizzy: now i think i need to do the rest of the truck:rolleyes:.



  14. NBI Lawn

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    I take it you do or use to do body/paint work as a profession. Looks really good
  15. Brant'sLawnCare

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    Nice and shiny!!!!:) Good Job! How long did it take you?
  16. OP

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    That looks great black is a hard one to pull off:salute:. 2wd just like my first plow truck 85 dodge 1 ton dump dully that thing plowed awesome!!

    Thanks guys!!! I fig it took me about 2 full days 12 hrs each day and that was with a buddy helping me on sat with all the prep work. Ya i've done body work full for the last 6years and who know how long part time before that. My fam has ben in the biz for over 60 years. But I'm back part time while growing my tree biz
  17. BlownL67

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    If you are that bored, I will be more than happy to bring my 1990 Mustang GT up there!
  18. TEX

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    im bored i think ill build a

    great job on the truck