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Euclid, Ohio
Friday morning I went and shovelled my neighbor's drive. He's in his lower 80's and his wife is in her late 50's and I went to go shovel their drive cause no one does it cause he can't really do much.(I also do lawn service for this guy) So anyway, when I'm done, I go home and go take a shower and while in the shower I guess he called and told my mom he'd donate his mower to me because he's getting forgettful and because how good of a job I've done for him and the good things my family does for him. By the way this guy is like one of the cheapest guys in the world so this was really surprising to me. The mower is a 1999 Lawnboy Gold Series self-propelled mower. Good shape, only used it for about a year. So hopefully next year he'll let me plow his drive too :D :waving:


Stamford, CT
A neighbor like that is hard to find... I would plow his driveway for free.

My neighbor is in his late 70's and his wife is in her late 60's. I've known them for twenty years and lived next to them for 4 years. They have a sma;; drive way ( single car width and two car lenghts long. Everytime I go out to plow I pull in their drive and back blade it clear. It really doesn't cost me anything, and They are good people.:D

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


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I plow both neighbors across the street and the only one next door to me for nothing. It's just a easy simple deed and they don't complain when i bring my trailer (loaded with mowers) home during the summer.

I have received,,a few cases of beer,,some cash in my x-mas cards and a couple gift cards for Home Depot :)
So i guess it's not really for free


After a particularly heavy storm a couple of years ago I went around offerring to help elderly, etc that I saw doing their driveways. If they wanted to donate, so much the better. Kind of a "giving back to the community' type afternoon.

Well, I stopped by one house where a man and his young daughter were trying to get their car out. Anyway, after I finished and he was getting ready to give me some cash we hit on a common thread. He found out that I was also an aircraft mechanic and it turns out he was a rep for a large tool company. Well, instead of the $40 out of his pocket, he offered a brand new Fluke 89-IV multimeter. :eek: Gee.....$40 or $400 meter...tough choice.

You just never know.... :D


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monroe, ct
I have one that my wife told me tonight... she is a private duty nures... she has a patient ... elderly couple who live in an upscale area of CT.... well they have a grounds keeper caretaker guy.. .started to work for the the man's father 50 or 60 years ago... well he retired a couple of years ago... the couple bought him a house in pam beach florida.....

I keeping on asking my wife if she will become better friends with them.....

I can only hope they stay around for a while...... :waving: :waving: :waving:



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I was out plowing a few years ago, when I went past this old guy shoveling his driveway(Must have been 70+) I asked him if he wants me to plow his driveway (about 50'x20'). He asked how much.... I usually charged $30.00. I said $10.. he says "WOW" Thats alot of money for such a short driveway, How about $5.00". I said OK $5 it is

(Sometime the elderly are kind of strapped on cash with a fixed income). Well he had to show me a covered burm he had that went the whole length of the driveway. I only made three or four passes.

When I finished he hands me the 5.00 I said "Go take your Wife out for a coffee, this one is free". He thanked me and off I went felling damn good for doing something nice for the elderly. I told this to a friend of mine and he said "You mean the white house on the corner"? I said yup... He started laughing.... He said he isnt strapped for money ... he used to own all kinds of real estate and sold it all for his retirement :rolleyes:
Oh well I would probly do the same thing the next time. At least he could have given my 7 year old Son the $5.00


i was working across the street from where this old guy was standing. when he saw that i complete my work he comes over and asks if i could do his walks. he was like "im 85 years old..." well there was a total of like 100yds of walks so i just did them really quick and said no charge. he had a bunch of ones in his hand:) well as i got into the truck his daughter comes by and gives me a big wave and a thank you. makes you feel pretty good. that and the fact the last thing they saw was my name on the back window driving away.


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I've got a great helping a starnger story. My buddies Uncle was comming down 95 just outside Philadelphia, PA about three years ago, he saw a limo on the side broken down, stopped to see if he could help in any way. The driver said he'd been there a bit and popped the hood. My buddies Uncle tinkered around a bit determined the water pump was shot and said he could help fix it if necessary. At this point the Driver stated that a tow truck was in route, but thanks for offering. My buddies Uncle said ok just thought I'd try to help, see ya. The driver said hold on a minute, went into the limo made a call, came back and said my company want's to send you a thank you, I'll need your name address yada yada yada. One month passes and he gets a thank you card in the mail which said thanks for stopping, we'd been there a while and the world needs more folks like you and inclosing I'd like to pay off your mortage signed Donald Trump.

One month later the man had no mortage. When my girlfriend heard that story she swore she'd stop the next time she saw a disablied motorist, I told her with our luck you'd stop for the Boston strangler. No good deed goes unnoticed.

Treat people as you'd like to be treated


JohnW440, that was a good post, sounds like a lot of elderly around my parts. They can be some of the sweetest people around or some of the rudest and heartless. That man sounds like someone in particular that my neighbor knows, he is exactly like that. Has all sorts of $ but is willing to let others struggle in front of him, when he knows dam well that there are others in worse shape than his retired, golfing behind. I tryed once to help an old elderly man, and it backfired on me. It is a choice you make if you want to help them or get burned by them. Bring on the snow, Hawkz


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Some pay off...

Great posts, part of what got me started. I worked for a seasonal Landscape company (no plowing) a while back and I was doing finish work on some pavers when an old man stopped by and said he had seen me working and asked if I could spare a few minutes when I was done helping him move equipment back into his garage.. I saw no harm in it and said "sure". So I finish the pavers, call into the office, and my boss tells me I just finished the last job for the season, pick up my last check at the end of the week... "WHAT?" we still had a couple of good weeks left, turns out he was done for the year, and so everyone was. So I was a bit set off, but still went to help the old man out... After half an hour of moving equipment for the old man, I get ready to leave when he asked what I made for the company I was at... I told him I made around 9 an hour(back then it was good money), but that I was happy to help for nothing, then he quickly said, "I own a Landscape business and need a crew chief for lawn service and a driver for plowing which I can teach, job starts at 14 an hour and I can start paying you today!" Wow, makes you think sometimes... what if I would have just gone home angry?

Great post guys.... nice to see them now and then.

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