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hi fellas scalawag here. i believe i have found a very good deal on a 85 sierra lwb. it has a 305 two barrel in it. didnt know they made two barrel on a 305. i might be wrong as i have bought the truck unseen. it will be here friday. anyway what makes it a good deal is it has 9000 miles on it. thats right 9000 miles. my brother in law found it. some old fellas in ala. had died and his son just drove it around on the farm. then he died and his daughter sold it to my brother in law. now he wants to sell it to me for 2195 bucks. my question is lets say my brother in law is lying and its a new motor not rebuilt. how good would the trans. be? anything i should check for? i know for a fact it doesnt leak anything. and the trans. shifts very well, cause he dosent buy lemons. he just knows i like good trucks. i presently own a 77 datsun pickup with so many miles you wouldnt believe me if i told you. and have never had a full size. the chevy has a auto. trans. i have never heard anything bad about the 305 engine. or the 85 chevy. i guess i just want to make myself feel better. cause i have never bought a lemon either. and the body does not have 1 scratch in it either. what do you fellas think?
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well I had a '85 chevy 1/2 ton with a 305 but it was a 4 barrel and not a 2 but i think that they did make them but not sure since i had the 4.I PAID NEW FOR MY TRUCK $9,500 AND IT WAS A BEEFED UP MODEL BIGger tires and power windows,locks steering and tilt, with a slidding rear window 8' bed two/tone paint sold it with very low miles for 5,500 about 5-6 years ago.oh it was an automatic too

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