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    Help me out here guys. I found a 1988 Jeep Wrangler six cylinder automatic w/ 41,000 miles. Has a brand new Western Plow and is in MINT CONDITION seller is asking $6400. Is this a GOOD DEAL or NOT? He bought it brand new and has serviced it every 2500 miles.
    What do you all think? Thanks for your advice.
    Pray for SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mowman - you if you want to know for your area, you could do an Internet search for "Kelly Blue Book". Probably add about $1500 - $2000 for the plow, depending on brand and size. Don't forget to look for signs that the previous owner was hard on the plow. The other guys on here could probably help you in that better than I can. Also, don't be fooled by looks, if that's what you mean by "mint condition". Listen to the engine, look for blue or black exhaust, look for oil/water/gas leaks. Best bet - take it to a mechanic you trust. Sounds like a good deal to me, though, if a Jeep is what you want for pushing snow. How big is the plow?

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    I just realized that this is essentially a 13 year old vehicle with 41,000 miles. (Are you sure that's not 141,000 mi?). That works out to just over 3,000 mi/yr. And serviced every 12,000? Why is he getting rid of it after 13 years? Especially with a "brand new" plow? Did he do a lot of short trips? Perhaps all plowing? I'd check for head gasket leaks since short trips or hard work make the engine stay hot.
    Of course, I'm always suspicious and cautious.

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    Ive had some bad experinces with buying trucks and my tip would be to talk with him and see what hes all about. See what your feelings tell you and then if you decide yes, then take it to a good car shop and let them run the tests (40-80 bucks) and you will avoid things you cant see. Ceck for rust under the body and the doors. Also i would take of like 10% from what the blue book says for the truck because they are always a little high. Just make sure everything is kosher and talk to him and see if hes telling you everything about the vehicle. The way you know is when he says its great its got no problems. Every vehicle has a problem and its the buyers job to find out.

    This is what i have learned form buying too many bad ones.