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    Stocking up on parts for the old school build. This means getting rid of my fenner electric pump set up and going belt drive(not the small pansy fisher belt drive pumps either). However with a little twist. I do have 3 fisher cable valve set ups and a bunch of other parts I collected along the way. However I had a skeleton meyer e-47 or 60 (can't remember) laying around ready for the scrap yard when it dawned on me to convert the PA block to a fully open center set up for belt drive. 49 bucks later at storks plows I got the other half. The only thing I am a little skeptical about is there is no quill adjustment on these. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I did clean this and go thru it. However once I fully bench test it I probably will put the one piece cross over relief valve in it and not mess with the 13 parts and pieces puzzle. I probably will be collecting more parts and or fabricating more parts for this build along the way. This build will not begin till after this season. I do like my modified fenner pump which has been good for many many years. I just want something different and hopefully super fast to lift this heavy old school diamond plow. I will create a build post when I get around to it but for now just a pic of this old valve.
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    I have to admire your persistence...
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    I love watching builds. You know everything that I don't know how to do:laugh:
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    Thats talent, just wonder how many years the OP has been welding/fabricating? Learned from family/school? Must be nice , you break something, and make yourself a new one......Well done!
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    Yes. My Father taught me how to weld when I was a little kid.
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    Great teacher, Great student, it shows......
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    Let’s get that build started !! You spoke about wanting a super fast lift, I will caution you, when building mine, full flow to my rear plow was way to fast and being electric over hydraulic, when you let off the switch, the stoping motion was so abrupt the back of my rig jumped up bad. (I have 900 lbs of ballast right at the rear) I had to add an orifice to slow it down.
    ( I’m running a 4gpm pump ) started with 7 gpm, that was way to much.
    Thoughts to ponder.
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    Thanks Scott. I will keep that in mind.
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