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I have heard several different theories on going downhill on snow/ice roadways. I have been driving and plowing on snow/ice for quite some time now and I still can't come up with the answer.

Do you all think it is best to put the truck in 4x4 high, and a reasonable gear to control the truck's speed with minimal braking or to put the trans. in neutral and use the brakes? In some trucks, the anti lock brakes disengage when in 4x4.

I personally do not like anti lock brakes.

What do you guys do, I am just curious. If you have any tricks, let us in on them as well.

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my anti lock brakes work in 4 wheel drive, and i can say that they have helped. the few times its kicked in, it keeps me going straight and gets the vehicle stopped without spinning out.


I use 4hi 2nd gear for steeeeep hills and Lord knows there are plenty here.I also try to stay off of side streets , i tend to clip off side view mirrors w/ my 8.5 poly.
In my experience, engine braking in lower gears isn't as abrupt and easier to control than riding the brakes. I'm still undecided about the anti-locks, they seem to slow you down slower, but you do gain back quite a bit of control with them. I have heard of guys unhooking them in winter, old habits die hard I guess.


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I learn last storm to never downshift on a iciy downill, The result was the same as pulling the hand brake on a front wheel drive.
For few seconds we were not going in the good direction. May be is my rear tire Laredo Lug fault...

I usually put the tranny on neutral for hard braking on both manual or automatic tranny....No ABS for me..
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