GMC vs Ash Tree

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member
Well, we had some nasty winds come through with thunderstorms tonight. I got a call from my friend telling me a 100' tall ash tree fell in his backyard, and it was laying in the rear bumper of my 80 GMC. I also got a call from 5 other people telling me the tree fell on it. I went up to check the damage. The tree fell, hit the passenger side rear corner of the bed, denting it, knocked the plywood sideboard off on the driver's side, and one "tine" was on the ground. The tree was forked about 6' up from the base, and one of the "tines" was on my rear bumper. You can see where the tree hit the truck, and the skid marks from the tree moving the rear of the truck over about 2' from where it was parked. The truck was parked about 3' away from the trunk of the tree. It dented the rear corner of the bed, but didn't break the tail light. I will have to do a little work to get the tailgate to open again. Not bad considering what could have happened. If the truck was parked 3' further back, the tree would have cut it in half. I didn't have too much room to pull the truck forward, but I wanted to make sure there was no weight on it. I started it up, put it in gear, and lurched it forward, hoping the trunk didn't "roll" and hit my truck again. The tree stayed put.

Once the tree is gone, I will have to take a look at the rear corner of the bed, and see if it is bent down at all. It was too dark to take pictures, or I would have posted some. I might take some tomorrow though. The tree isn't going anywhere until his insurance company comes out to take a look on Monday. I told him I'd help him cut it up if he wants.