GM of Snow Operations and Sales

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We are a small/medium snow/ice removal company. We define ourselves as "boutique" - we are not looking to be a HUGE competitor in the snow/ice management industry - just keeping ourselves busy during our slower times, and making a little money treating every customer like they are the only customer!
I like what you say. But Illernois?

Don't have any opportunities a bit further south, say Texas? They get snow now.


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Southern WI
Definitely sounds worse than it probably is. It does sound like a non-stop job:laugh: Thank you for answering all the questions, that really helps interested candidates narrow in on whether or not they could handle the position.
Good luck!


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By that rationale, every senior manager who isn't an owner at every large scale snow removal company is crazy for working there.
Agreed. A great strong and highly experienced senior manager, general manager, director of operations....whatever title you want to give it will in most cases have a very strong ownership mentality, but typically is not the entrepreneur type. These are two totally different types of people. Good owners make poor managers. One enhances the other, and they need each other. It takes years if not decades of experience, hard work climbing the ladder, learning how to manage people and equipment and juggle three balls, then four, then five, then 10, 12 or more at the same time in order to run an operation of significance. The owner needs to spend his time doing other things. The owner is the problem if he’s meddling, interfering or micromanaging the operations. Unfortunately I think they’ll have a difficult time finding a quality someone who checks all those boxes that will settle for the salary posted.


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The General Manager of Snow Operations at SV is responsible to:

  • Perform all sales functions for the Snow Operations division including but not limited to cold calls, setting and attending sales meetings, networking, closing sales, conducting presentations to perspective customers as needed, etc.
  • Prepare snow plans for new and existing accounts including but not limited to bids, account setup, route allocation for plowing/shoveling/salting, calculation of production rates, finalize job costing, etc.
  • Understand and be committed to providing services that exceed the company standards through successful completion of plowing/salting operations and to communicate with the client base to ensure customer satisfaction on all efforts.
  • Initiate call to all applicable staff to be prepared of impending storms and to “kick-off” plowing operations in a team approach.
  • Narrate all snow operations meetings coordinating sub-contractors, employees and all field operations in a timely and efficient way in addition to general snow trainings, or generic meetings.
  • Over-see all snow and ice management operations
  • Orchestrate equipment and staffing allocation at all times including any short-falls.
  • Coordinate sidewalk crews with plow trucks ensuring sidewalks are completed first.
  • Ensure all safety policies and protocols are being enforced at all times during the completion of plowing/salting operations to maintain a safe and incident free “workplace”.
  • Help facilitate the completion of snow and ice management operations within the projected target hours.
  • Perform site inspections during and after snow/ice events to ensure successful and accurate completion of all routes is done.
  • Collect, analyze, complete and turn-in all required paperwork from staff in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Directly manage all sub-contractors. Duties to include but not be limited to training of how to facilitate timely and efficient snow plowing operations per our requirements, moving from site to site as needed, collecting accurate and fully completed log sheets on a site by site basis for accounting, etc.
  • Over-see overall maintenance of company rolling stock and equipment for the snow and ice division.
  • Utilize company CRM and analyze all KPI’s to report to the President on a regular basis
  • Monitor all division marketing efforts for accurate messaging and content on a regular basis.
  • Set and communicate personal performance goals and objectives with the president
  • Achieve the Certified Snow Professional status within two years of employment – if not already done.
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With all due respect, HR (or whoever the author of this position description is) has duplicated some of the duties, and neglected to include others that should be vital to the position. Good luck in your endeavor to find this key person. Based on my little bit of snooping around I bet that is a fun place to be part of.