Wondering about gloves. Anyone have any preferences? I carry 3 different types myself, each has it's use. I know, sounds anal, but that's me ;&gt;)<br>I carry leather palm work gloves, for shoveling, and mounting my blade. I carry ski type gloves, for extreme cold, while shoveling and running a blower.<br>For loading salt, or running the blower in the rain following a snowfall, I wear insulated heavy duty rubber gloves. They're pretty warm, and 100% dry. Salt doesn't stiffen them up or cause them to absorb more water, faster like leather gloves. When driving, I wear no gloves. Most of my shoveling is done gloveless.<br>When using a blower, gloves are a must for me.<p>~Chuck Smith<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>

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I use the leather-palm gloves for everything, the ones you get at the flea markets for $10/dozen pairs. I rotate four pairs during a storm, letting wet ones dry on the floor of the truck. I do carry a pair of ski gloves behind the seat, just in case.<p>Bill


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Hey chuck!
Sounds to be you really know your gloves! I do just about the same except when I shovel I use use a insulated work glove I got at a local cement ,stone .etc. dealer!;)


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I use insulated leather gloves, and also use either mechanix's gloves or football receiver gloves (I work for the athletic dept at Iowa State, so get them free). They keep me warm, and still protect my hands.


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I use Buckskin leather gloves insulated with thinsulate. They are expensive but the buckskin keeps your hands warm. Other types of leather has small holes through them that let the cold in. Pigskin is the worse you can get as far as warmth. I also carry a few pairs of cheap yellow cotton gloves for using when the task at hand is real dirty or may otherwise destroy my good gloves. In the spring and fall I use insulated rubber gloves to keep out the wet. In the summer I use non insulated Buckskin. The last type I own is a pair of Buckskin insulated mittens. You cannot do much with mittens but at -60 they are the only thing I have found that will keep your hands warm.


Iron clad cold condition for winter all around.
Sealskinz for "wet" work.
Buckskin for winter light duty, driving.
Iron clad "box handlers" for most summer stuff.


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