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Wouldn't you know it the frist time this year I had to plow all my accounts the 23rd and Xmas, and boxing day, and today
Anyway, anybody know of a good glove(s) that will pick up a bag of salt with a little powder snow on it? Tried the rubber dots, zig-zag lines type of cotton. This last set of storms were COLD at 4am and windy, usually I don't spread salt, but daytime temps when up enough to make the salt work.



Stamford, CT
Went to the local Sports Authority store, went to the hunting and fishing section. found a pair of gloves with a rubber grip surface in the palm and finger areas. These gloves are made out of a material like wetsuits. You can use them to drive, shovel, pick up things. They have great dexterity and the keep your hands dry and warm.

cost about $12.00 a pair


1st you could go to an Auto Parts Store, get the mechanix gloves I know NAPA has them.

2nd Go to a local scuba diving shop if available, the wet suit gloves work great.

3rd Try Army surplus store, get the glove liners and regular work gloves, they have worked great in the past for me.

4th If you can find them, what I prefer are Air Force Pilot gloves, the work great for me, plus I have a friend who buys them for me at the same price the Air Force does, still kinda of pricy, but the work for my situation.

Just my thoughts

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Central CT
I got a pair of nice electric utility lineman gloves, large cuff, you wear dainty cotton liner if u want to keep your hands warm otherwise good grip and waterproof.

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