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Give me your opinions!


PlowSite.com Addict
Evan, your "location" isn't filled out so I don't know how close you are to this truck, but have you had a chance to look at it in person?

Reason I'm wondering is, the ad says "F350" but in the pic, I can't quite tell if the rear axle is a "full floater" or not. By the pic, it looks like it might be a "semi-floater" (lighter duty, doesn't have the big hub sticking out in the centre of the wheel) which I believe would make the truck an F250.

A look at the front end would tell you also, F350 has a solid axle while F250 uses the "Twin Traction Beam" (TTB) setup.


Western CT
I agree with Rob as to the axle, though I am not sure about early 80's Fords. Might they have run a Nine Inch?
Either way if the price is reasonable (for you) and the truck is sound I would go for it. You can beat on that truck and not be as concerned. I would look at the motor and auto transmission as the are the big expense items that may fail you.


PlowSite.com Veteran
Somerville MA.
I would also recomend looking at the exhuast manifolds and the oil pan. Fords of this generation had many problems with these parts (some say they still do). Other than checking out the basics this looks like a decent buy. Around my area thats about the going rate for a truck like that. Good luck!


PlowSite.com Veteran
There is also a 89 GMC 3500 with a western plow I am interested in for $5900. I hate even considering buying such old trucks as all my equipment and my truck are all currently pretty new. But in this case we just dont get enough snow to justify spending alot of money on a plow truck.



My $.02, For $1500 to $2000 less(not to mention ins., tags,ect.), you can put a BRAND NEW plow on the truck you have. Now I know what you mean about a "work" truck( a "beater" is what I would call it) but at least with new equip. there's a pretty good chance it's going to work when you need it;) Unless your going to have someone else plowing with your truck, you'll be there to make sure it's not abused.

My truck is a "WORK" truck. It does everything! Tows bobcats, excavators, and backhoes, hauls brick, block, mortar, tools and supplies and even plows. But the biggest thing is it's MY truck and no one else drives it. I'm proud of it and I keep it nice.

Ok, I'm done:D :D



i plow with an older truck, an 82 dodge with a slant 6 and a 4 speed. it hasn't let me down as of yet and if it does i can fix just about anything that breaks. a new unit would be nice but i sure hate parting with that hard earned $$$.
just my 2 cents worth
i luv my ole truck
mark k


PlowSite.com Sponsor
Dayton, Ohio USA
I think what Geoff meant was that if you are buying an older truck with an unknown history sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth. Your old Dodge has done you well for a long time and you know it inside and out. I'm the same with my '85 K-2500 GMC. But when I bought it used I had to put a lot of money in it right at first for things that I would have known about if it had been mine for a long time.



PlowSite.com Veteran
You can buy a brand new plow, for you new truck, for the same cost as a used beat up truck and plow. Hmmm, new plow on new truck, probably will equal less problems.

Just my $ 0.02. Now if he only had 3K to spend on a truck, the 83 F 350 might be the way to go.



PlowSite.com Veteran
Im with Geoffd on this one. I alway's put plows on my new trucks and I don't feel they get beat from plowing. What beats them is lack of maintenance and inproper shifting of the tranny. I Think you will save alot of $$ by putting a plow on your 2ooo.


Senior Member
Geoff and I often disagree on the benefits of older trucks but this time I will have to agree with him, but for a diffrent reason.If you are the operator of the truck and will take care of it why ad the extra expense.If it was only me and I was putting out only one or two trucks, new would be the way I would go.You will spend all of your time plowing wishing you were in the truck you usually drive and wondering why you spent the extra money on a truck just because of a dent or mechanical trouble that might happen in the middle of summer on a nice clear day.


Ok. How come Geoff gets all the credit for something I suggested first:confused:

I guess I don't carry as much clout:rolleyes:

Do you think I have an Inferiority Complex? LOL:D

Geoff, you do know I'm kidding:D