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Ok, In looking at what Dodge Guidelines are for my truck and what I have been told by several different plow dealers my head is spinning.

I have an 01 Quad Cab Diesel Ram 2500; I have the plow package and trailer towing kit; they only "recommend" up to a 700lb plow.

Now, I do have a Gross front axle weight of 5200lbs which Western Dealers (and Western themselves)have told me that they could put just about any of their plows on; I have also spoken to Blizzard and they could put there 8foot plow that moves to 10 foot; Now, I understand that they are trying to sell plows and Dodge is trying to keep a conservative size plow on... I am also going to add some type of load support whether it's the Monroe LSE support or something from Rancho.

The Western V is 880 lbs and the Blizzard is 900 so they are both about the same; Is this "WAY' too much? Is Dodge that conservative? Does anyone have this or close configuration that they would be willing to chat about.

I know that I am going to be close to the edge with whatever configuration I go with and I am willing to spend a little to upgrade the suspension.

Also, this will be used mostly on driveways and some small comerical; the plow will remain off unless we are plowing with the truck.


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The issue is with the quad cab. When they figure gwawr, they take a worst case approach, meaning if you had 5 people in the cab and a plow, you could overload the front axel. As long as you dont do that, you will be fine with either plow you install. Take the same truck in a regular cab configuration, and dodge wouldnt look twice at the two plows you mentioned.FWIW, the truck dealer no matter what brand, rarely has a clue.

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According to my records, your QC Diesel 4x4 has a front axle weight of 3985 lbs. This gives you 1215 lbs to play with. If you add ballast behind the rear axle it will take some load off the front.

I would be quite comfortable with either plow on that truck. The GAWR are by design a bit on the conservative side to give you some cushion. I would be more concerned with the tires than the axle-make sure you inflate load range E tires to 70-80 lbs not the 65 lbs thats on the door sticker.

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The front end is plenty strong-like Dino said,they have to take aditional weight into account when allowing a plow.ID put on whatever plow i wanted-probably a Western/Fisher V,or a 9 ft straight blade.I wouldnt worry about the weight,but you likely will be over weight,its your truck.I know my 96 dodge/cummins front end weighed 4000 lbs without the plow!,and had a front axle GVWR of 4850.I put a Fisher minute mount 7.5 on it anyway,never had any problems,handled it way better than my Chevys with the plow prep did.I never weighed it with the plow-i didnt want to know what was on the front end,my guess is 5200+- a little.Ill tell you this,there arent many trucks thatpush snow like the Dodge,it rocks.


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I was just at the dodge dealer a few weeks ago. I looked into a 3500 cab chasis with the diesel. They were going to have a 9' fisher installed on it before I bought it. I just looked at the Dodge Commercial brochure they gave me and your truck has the same front end. The only diference between the trucks is the payload in the rear and the length. Unless the quad cab has something to do with the way it will handle the weight the plow puts on the front end I see no reason not to get whatever plow you want.

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