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Im new to this forum , been reading all these threads this week while we have been getting record snowfall here in s.e. wisconsin. I have plowed the last 6years but sold my truck this year! I didnt do much plowing in the past just some drives and one small lot to supplement my regular jobs cut back winter hours.
It has become clear to me that you guys know all the ins and outs of the snowplowing business so i would like to hear your opinions. In an effort to try and actually make some money next year i am thinking of getting another plow truck and doing driveways. Have some questions though...

How do you get the drives? newspaper advertising? door to door? send flyer in the mail?

Should i have a contract?

I am assuming i should have snowplowing insurance right? where do i get it and how much does it cost?

Is it best to send bills once a month?

Do drives usually get salted like lots or do most poeple want just plowing?

Will probably have more questions but thse will do for now. Thankyou for your patience.


Michael F

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Rochester, NY
Doorknob hangers work well if you have the time. If not community newspapers I've heard work well especially for residential work.
Contracts definity yes, spell out depth of snow you will push, your resposibilities for damage(will you repair turf damage, driveway damage, ect)normal wear items from snowplowing.
Billing, all our residential is on contract,seasonal paid before December 1. Their contract is limited to 100 inches, average winter is 90+/-, after 100 charged reduced per trip rate, usually around $ 10/trip.
Insurance is a must, for residential go with minimum insurance company should help, tell agent your thinking of snowplowing, ask for a quote. I won't tell you what I pay' you'd freak.

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