Getting larger sanders off trucks?

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This is my first time contacting this forum and have received valuable information. As with many in the northeast, we are looking for our first snowfall or sanding runs. I work as a subcontrator for one of the largest snow removal companies on Long Island. I would rather work for somebody, then deal with the headaches some of you experience. Since this is a side buisness anyway I am not dependent as much for the income, but it is nice. I also teach and have a construction buisness(residential). I have 4 trucks 2000 2500 chevy meyers plow 7.5 1985 3500 crew cab dually with a 8.5 boss straight plow and 4 yard flink sander, a 1985 ford f-150 with a 2 yard buyers sander and a 7.5 meyers plow with wings and 1985 chevy dump with a 10' meyers and a 7 yard airflow. I just bought the airflow and I need some suggestions on how to get it on and off my truck without the help of heavy machinery which I don't have acess too. I have 5 years experience plowing and have no trouble with the smaller sanders but the big one has me puzzeled. Hope I didn't babble too much and would greatly appreciate your input thanks brian

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Welcome to the site. Try the search button in the top right corner of your screen. Some good ideas for your question were mentioned in some older threads. Good luck.


Brian= i have seen guys with a setup like this one remove sanders and put them on quite frequently. they put two beams in the ground, with an overhead beam connecting the two. to unload they just back under it and crank it up with a come-a-long or hoist and drive out from under. then they put 55 gallon drums under it and lower it for safety. one guy even uses the beams in his garage roof but with a smaller sander. this may work with a large sander like yours.

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