getting a tank up a hill...=loader towing

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    this was a bad start to the day...finally got the tank unloaded and in the garage.. even tried to use my pickup to pull the tag axle straight to make the corner easier...apparently a 3/4 ton pickup can't drag a semi tag axle very far...contrary to popular belief tanks are absolutely horrible for traction on ice and packed snow, in case you didn't know.Thumbs Up I LOVE my job...




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    cool pics whats the story behind the tank
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    How does that tag axle work? I'm not sure I've seen that before. Googling "tag axle" just gives me common lift/deploy dead axles.

    Does it attach with something like an industrial-size version of weight distributing spring bars used on camper travel trailers that pushes down on it while allowing it to articulate?
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    whats with the tank? looks like an abrams??
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    I was just talking to an Ex-marine the other day and he was telling funny stories of tanks going downhill on ice and snow! just hold on tight!!
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    I know we're expecting a big storm, but don't you think that's a little overkill? wesport
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    Thats funny right there, I don't care who you are thats funny right there.

    And you definatly don't see that everyday. What size deere? 744? What were they doing with that tank?
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    hmm looks like you coulda used tire chains for the truck
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    they are called a stinger, and attach to the rear of the lowboy, and can use air or hydraulics to help equalize the weights.
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    it's a national guard tank that we use at the local armory for training (inside) in preparation for a summer gunnery (shooting the big bullets through them -120mm -or 4.72inches for you non metric folk.)
    I am not the truck driver so to answer the 'tag axle' question i just know that it satisfies the DOT requirements of 'spreading the weight out' since it tips the scales at over 68tons.

    Due to a required city route of taking that hill and it not being salted or sanded enough it required a pull from the big loader (don't know what size but it is big). Got the route changed so when they bring the 2nd one this won't happen again.

    They were not transporting due to the big storm (LOL) :laughing:since we have only gotten a dusting in a week and a half's time...:cry:

    A big thank you is in order to all of you on P.S. since your diligence in paying your taxes allows me to play/train on this great equipment.ussmileyflag

    P.s. it was dicey enough just trying to get it to turn into the parking lot/garage bay....would have never made it up the hill...(but in the summertime it's a different story altogether)
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    Nice lowboy. You starting your own military? I hear Egypt is looking for some people.
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    not a chance...even with all the problems we have here it is still WAY better to be in the U.S.A. -I couldn't begin to afford one of these. This is a re-furb and so I am told costs less than 2mil. and the other point is that they still don't sell them to the public; although Egypt does have these same tanks -so if you see them on the news you'll recognize it.
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    anyone else thinking "what size plow you think that thing can handle?" :rolleyes:
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    Not after reading this:
    Then again...maybe one of these can do the job:
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    armored bulldozer thats awesome
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    If he had chains on he would have bean fine. In Northern Maine they haul over 200,000lb of pulp with tandom axle trucks on private roads. The pulp trucks up there take corners like that every day and they go just fine with chains on.
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    It needs growsers then it would be finest kind :jester:

    I used to drive tracked APC's and without them yes they were terrable, your thred's are solid rubber blocks, like having over sized hockey pucks for traction
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    I find it ironic how we sell all our equipment overseas to countries that very well could use them against much for staying ahead.
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