Gettin Snow!


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Man, Texas and Oklahoma are getting some snow today. I fiqured the north east would get some before Texas. MOTHER NATURE IS REALLY TEASEIN' US! Just vented. Thanx.

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I live in northeastern washington. About 40 miles NE of Spokane.
So far today I'm guessing 5 inches here and no signs of it letting up. I live about 7 miles outside of Newport, WA. Ran in to get gas, and ended up pulling two cars out of the ditch, a third was able to get out with help of people pushing.

What turned out to be a 30 minute round trip for gas took over 2 hours. Still haven't got the call to plow, expect it tonight. Plowed my own driveway.
I'm with SlimJim. North and western part of state got hit hard the other night, we didn't even get a flurry. You can always tell when it should be snowing but isn't, the number of posts quadruples. I should be warming the truck up right now, but instead I'm enjoying a cold one typing away at the computer.


p.s. what does LOL stand for


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Ok here's a few more....
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my honest opinion
FYI = For your information (that ones easy)
POS = pile of _ _ _ _ or Piece of _ _ _ _ which ever you prefer.
FORD = First on race day (can only mean that, others will try to tell you different, beware of them)
CHEVY = see POS above

DODGE = unknown, but is somewhere between FORD and CHEVY


Stamford, CT
yep... snow in Texas

Was watching the Garth Brooks concert last night from South Padre Island, Texas.

30 degrees and snowin like a banshee. Don't think it was stickin on anything but the Drums and the Guitars.

Funny watchin an outdoor concert with Palm trees all around and snow blowing around like crazy.

Yet Garth Kept playin like the professional he is.

The show (snow) must go on!!!!

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