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Can anyone give me some good leads on companies that offer general liabiliy insurance for snow plowing? I've already got vehicle insurance - just looking for gen liability. I got a quote for $300,000 coverage and it was just over $1000. Seemed a little high. Just thought I'd seek some input for my plowsite brothers. Any help - info is greatly appreciated.


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Long Island NY
Sorry I dont have an answer as Im looking for same But if you forward the name where you got quote Id gladly pay the $1000
Thanks. mike

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Cary, IL
I don't remember what exactly it was based on, but I don't think it was how many accounts I did. I think it was the fact that I was the only owner/operator, and that it only consisted of one truck. Give them a call... see what they'll do for you.



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$300 is real cheap even for a one truck / man operation.. I am in the same situation but my agent whom I have all my business and truck /equipment insurance with quoted me $800 and that was only at the 300k level... But NJ is notorious for high rates .. Anybody else in NJ have any good insurance deals .. Let me know.. Thanks

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