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Hey everyone. I have a few questions that hopefully somebody will be able to give me a hand with. First of all, I have a 1979 Chevy K-20, and it has a 350 in it. In my gauge cluster, there is the oil gauge that has no tube. It came this way from the factory, and i know they also came with a tube. How do i connect this one to the enigne? Is there a sending unit available or does anybody have one to sell? The intake manifold is an aftermarket and right now i have an afermarket gauge, that plugs right into the manifold. Also, i cant figure out how to get my dome light to work. Where does it plug in? And, how does it turn on when its plugged in? Does it have anything to do with my horn fuse? My horn fuse blew and now everytime i plug a fuse in, it blows right away. I even disconnected the horns, the relay and the plug up the column, and it still blows. ANY help is muchly appreciated!! Thanks.


mike reeh

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in '78 they started using electric oil pressure guages, as opposed to mechanical.. the sending unit is a big thing that screws into the back of the motor behind the intake manifold, the same place with all small blocks, and it will have a single lead coming off it that connects to your guage. you should be able to get a new sending unit cheap at any auto parts store...

what kind of aftermarket guage are you talking about? oil pressure? if so you probably want to get the sending unit that goes with the guage, check the manufacturer..

dome light: hmm, the bulb plugs in right at the light obviously. i dont know what else you might be asking. there is a plug a few inches away from the light bezel itself, but i dont think thats what you want, it never hurts to check though.. you have to remove the bezel and pull the excess wire out the hole in the cab.. it should turn on when either door is open (theres a small switch in each door jamb) and when the headlight switch is turned all the way counter-clockwise..

dont know what to say about the fuse blowing problem, might as well start chasing wires :) i know its no fun but it shouldnt be too difficult to track down the problem. it would be worth your time and money to invest in a factory wiring diagram.. ebay regularly has em, or just buy one from the auto parts store.. (haynes/chiltons/whatever)

good luck

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