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Gators and sidewalks, follow up


PlowSite.com Veteran
Nova Scotia
Earlier in the season, guys ( or girls) mentioned they might be using a JD Gator for sidewalks, any reports? Just in the process of ordering a new MT trackless for a sidewalk contract I was invited to bid on for NEXT year (about 20 miles). The Trackless will be the main machine, but for the price a Gator may be able to back up or do light work and salt/sand with a tow behind Epoke spreader.
Any comments?

My municipality here uses a Gator and Toro's similar model for all sorts of duties in the downtown core. They have hooked up a small 12V sander to spot sand the narrow alley's that are public paths. Lots of hours on these machines (8/day for sure) and they seem to hold up under all conditions. With ATV type tires, they can also climb curbs without tossing the load about too bad - hope this helps.