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I just bought a 93 Chevy 1500 4.3v6 full size truck with an 8' bed. I pull approx 1700 lbs with it. I checked my gas mileage and it figured out to 13 mpg. Is this about right or should it be higher. If so what should I check to improve it. Thanks for any help.

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Just as a guess, I would think maybe 15 mpg or so for your truck/trailer with the V6 engine. The smaller (4.3 as opposed to 5.0 or 5.7) engine has to work pretty hard to move the full-size truck and trailer around.

One place to see about improving mileage would be a good tune-up - unless you've already done that! How worn the engine is will also be a factor, although one less easily remedied.

I don't have much experience with V6's, but don't feel bad - my old '75 pulls around 8-10 mpg tops. Mind you, trailer or no trailer doesn't seem to make much difference............


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Wow that is pretty low for a 4.3 V-6 I have seen then in a fullsize getting as high as 18 empty, but like 75 said towing with a 4.3 can really suck the gas down. Another thing to check is what gearing you are running the truck may be geared for the interstate especially with overdrive if you d mainly towing in the city you might consider changing it. Other than that a basic tune up should show some improvement (fuel filter, spark plugs, wires, etc) Good luck
BTW my 5.7 gets oh about 10.5 city 13 interstate

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