Gas mileage when plowing


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What kind of gas mileage is the norm when plowing? I have a '97 F250 HD/351/extended cab with an 8' Western Pro Plow and around 650 lbs of ballast. During the first storm I got around 5 MPG but I didn't think it was too bad condering we had 7" of wet, heavy snow and I was driving around all night using 4WD. This storm we got 5" of the fluffy stuff & used 2WD a lot on the roads but only got 4MPG at best! I at least expected the same if not better. I average around 11 MPG normally.


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With all of the money you are making plowing snow, you're counting your mpg????? LOL! Just kidding but there are alot of other numbers I worry about but mpg while plowing is the first time I've heard that one.



Get yourself a diesel Guy's:D

This last storm, plowed for 13 hrs and got 12 mpg.;)



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I have both the 6.5 and the powerstroke love them would always get a diesel.Never had a problem starting them in the cold and they run forever.


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I have a new chevy 2500HD with a Fisher V-Plow on it. I get 8.5 mpg while plowing. last week I left the plow on all week even though I didn't have to use it and got 10 mpg. With the plow off I get between 12 and 13 mpg. If the diesel is getting 12 while plowing and I get 8.5 with my gas engine... I really can't see a reason to spend the extra $5000 to get the diesel...

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I kept track for a while but the mileage varied with the amount of snow and the type (wet, dry). Now I know that one tank is enough for 10-15 hrs depending on how much snow and what my route is. For me all my travel is in the city so mileage is'nt great to begin with :rolleyes: .

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Interesting thread - I don't worry much about mileage when plowing (on my old "antique" the speedo doesn't read when going backwards anyway, so the mileage numbers would be off) but I have done a bit of record-keeping to try and determine fuel cost per hour spent plowing.

I come up with an average of around $5.40/ hr - Canadian dollars mind you, what's that work out now, about 50 cents US? :(

To keep it simple, I rounded that up to $5.50/hr average which was mostly pushing time, not much travel time needed between lots.

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I'm with Rob. I think cost per hour would be a better measure, considering how much I'm traveling in reverse while on-site plowing. Although technically, I'm not plowing snow while in reverse except for backdragging. Then also the between site travel would have to be factored out. I just figure I probably get the equivalent of one mile per gallon while actually shoving snow. Since that would scare me to death, I don't think about it.

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2000, Dodge Ram excab long bed Diesel 1000# ballast with 8'2" Boss V 13.5 MPG... I think it is better to look at it by the hour though.


I have a 85 ford with a 351 and I get great gas mileage.... I went out with a half of tank went 9 hours and still had enough to get home..... empty when I got there but did it...


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2000 F 250 HD gasser. out for 12 hours burned less than 1/2 a tank. Seems like mine does better when I'm plowing. I get 10 around town. I do all res and I have some running around, but the truck runs all night! :confused: Go figure.



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I don't rightly care about miles per gallon. Why should you? I'm more concerned about hours per gallon. All I know is my truck plowed for 11 hours straight the other night and I did not use a full tank of gas. Tank holds 36 gallons. I may have used 25, Maybe. Diesel is the way to go!

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I don't really worry about fuel mileage. When the white stuff flys, I count the green stuff coming in..... In all reality, all my quick marts and residentails are about a total of 15 miles apart. So, for an average storm I put in a 10 spot for the hog Ford.....

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