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I have some problems with my gas gauge and I hope you guys can help. First there is a loose wire or ground somewhere. Whenever I go over a bump my gas gauge bounces around. When i shut the key off it goes up to about half a tank and when I start it up it goes to E. If I hit the dash the speedo bounces up to about 30k. where is the ground located? Secondly, when I switch tanks the gauge goes ape $hit and almost does a 360. i remember blzn 74 had a similar problem but I can't remember what the problem was. Any help would be appricated.

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Erik, 2 things to check for,1)Bad Grounds, the intrument panel grounds go to a ground block located on top of the parking brake pedal, it should have about 8 prongs on it and I think I had about 2 or 3 wires grounded to it, The grounding block itself is grounded to the top of the parking brake pedal by a spot weld, and the pedal itself is grounded by a 1/2bolt, bolting the pedal to the body, the problem I had was that my grounding block wasnt grounded, the bolt backed itself off because its part of a moving mechanisim (the parking brake pedal). If you can move your parking brake pedal side to side its probley got a loose ground. 2)The gas tank sending unit could be bad or grounded out, if it is grounded out it will peg your gauge.

I was frustrated with all my gauges not working properly so I decided to start eliminating problem area's and I began to redo every ground in my truck, Battery to Frame, Frame to Body, and Body to Engine. Wah Lah, everything works, hopes this sends you in the right direction.


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