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fuseable link


Junior Member
new jersey
I stopped at a bait store in new jersey - turned the diesel off - came out and whammo - nothing - no lights no power.

batteries checked out ok. I think it may be a fusible link but I a not familiar with their location. The truck is an 84 C20 diesel. Any help to this novice will be appreciated. Thanks.


PlowSite.com Addict
Don't know how much different a diesel is, but on my gasser the fusible links are located near the upper part of the firewall - follow the wiring hardness as it goes across the firewall, you'll see a plastic "flap" that holds the wires up, near that should be the fusible links. There may also be one in the wiring down near the starter solenoid.

Something else you can check also - all the battery connections, including the ones to the starter solenoid. Had a similar problem with my '75: nothing at all when I turned the key, batteries were OK. Turned out to be corrosion on the starter solenoid connections.


dont know how true this is but i heard on older trucks the solenoid would overheat and cause this problem too,personally i like firewall mounted solenoids for ease of screwdriver operation:D