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I went to give a quote today on snow removal at a parking lot. Next to one of the other lots i do. Anyways the building a lot were being gutted. Over the winter the lot never got plowed, and someone left an old 79 toyota rust bucket in the lot for the past 2 years. Anyways the construction crew doing the work decided we have to get rid of this car. They had 3 roll off dumpsters onsite that day, that were going to be picked up. Anyways they had to fill the last one quick.<p>They decided to put the car inside the dumpster. The back door was open and you could see the car. They then covered it over with sheet rock, old door, ect. I wonder what the dumpster company is going to say.<p>Geoff<p>


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I've seen the Guys unload at the landfill. They probably won't say a thing, If they even notice. I had to get rid of one once, I did it with a torch and a saws ALL. Then I threw it away out front.<p> (THEY TOOK IT)<p>City life is great some time.

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