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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by site, Mar 11, 2001.

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    Last storm some lady said to one of my guys "Oh thank god you're here I gotta get to the mall".
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    My funniest comment was from a condo we plow, and after a 15" storm in Feb we pushed the piles back. They refused payment stating that even tho it was Feb 10 we would'nt have any more large snow storms. Well on March 6-7-8 we recieved over 18" of snow at that account, and I had a check in hand friday.
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    This kind of funny

    I get a call for a residential and I am walking the driveway and looking at it, I turn around and this man... is sitting in my truck. I asked if I could help him and he said " Now show me how I run this thing, so I can use it." I laughed and he gave me a funny look, he was not kidding, he thought he rented the thing for the season.
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    I think my funniest came from my boss at the dealership right before we got all that snow in December...

    "Oh no, it's not going to snow. It'll all be rain."

    Needless to say he sent the parts vans scrambling for salt the very next morning...

  5. Alan

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    Where did I put that sign?

    I pulled up to a stop sign today, had just finished up one of our condo accounts. There's this big blade thingie with snow stuck to it on the front of my truck. This woman hails me and and asks "Do you plow snow?" I was feeling like "Just a second Lady, I've got your sign around here somewhere"! She wanted me to clear her driveway that had sat for two weeks while they were on vacation. Couple inches of ice under last weeks 24" and another 5 this morning. NOT flocking likely!
  6. Kraco_1

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    I was on my way home one night around 3am after plowing and I seen a car on the side of the road stuck, so i turned on my over head light and stopped to see if I could help. This guy comes out of his car screaming at me saying "What the f*** took you so long" I've been here for 2.5 hours waiting for you, you f***ing idiot. About this time he looked over at my truck and seen it wasn't a tow truck and said "oh s**t, your not the tow company are you?" I just smiled and said no I'm not. Then for however long it took me to hook up the chain and pull him out he just kept saying how sorry he was. When I got ready to leave he took my hand and put a 100 dollar bill in it and said " Please take this and I won't take it back" So I put it in my pocket and told him if he ever needs me again to just call. He said,but I don't have your number! I told him, you didn't have it this time either and I showed up. :)

  7. John Allin

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    Kinda makes you feel good, doesn't it ??

    I was out plowing one night, and was giving the owner of a business we plow, a ride home (it was snowing real bad). Saw a car off the road in a ditch and pulled over. Dude sitting in the drivers seat with the door open. Snow had come down enough that the guy couldn't get it closed. An older gent... sober but not co-herent. We put him in my truck, and took him to the 'shelter' that had been set up for people on the interstate to stay at during the storm (that happens alot here).

    Called the next day and they told me the dude was in the hospital. Call the hospital and spoke to one of the nurses. I told them I was a neighbor inquiring as to how he was doing. They took off three fingers (frostbite) and two toes. Nurse said that some snowplower had stopped and pulled him from his car after it went off the road and took him to the shelter. Probably saved his life as he was in bad shape from hypothermia. I never told the nurse who I was. Made me feel real good about myself. Still does.
  8. Alan

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    And rightfully so!
  9. 75

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    Agreed Alan - John, that's something to be proud of!

    As for "funniest comments", I learned the hard way back in December that waiting until the storm is over to plow isn't always a good idea. I managed to get my truck thoroughly stuck (my own fault) and as I was wading through the drifts toward a convenient phone pole - winch cable in one hand, chain in the other - someone pulls up in their 1/2 ton and asks "Are you stuck?"............"No, fool, I always park this way!"
  10. 4 Saisons

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    John story's very great, but the most funny comment is like alan said the stupid question "Do you plow snow?", is too difficult to say" Can you clean my driveway"

    I have so many stupid answer in my head each time.

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  11. Jason Pallas

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    We get that " are you plowing snow " when the plows are on or "do you guys cut grass" when we've got a trailer full of lawn equipment. Usually, we just grin and politely reply - yes mam/sir. But occasionally we get the real wise-a$$ and I can't resist responding "No - we're plumbers" - it gets some real confused looks.
  12. John Allin

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    Reminds me of the fellow that came out of K-Mart and watched us plowing..... got all bent out of shape and flagged me down.... rolled down the window and he got in my face and said...
    "You just missed my car !!"

    I looked at him with a puzzled face and replied...

    "Isn't that the general idea ??"

    He was dumbfounded and just stared at me....

    Then I said...

    "Would you prefer the alternative ??"

    and drove away....
  13. slplow

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    I had a residetial complain my driver was plowing to late at night.She's the fist to call if she is not plowed out at 7am and she does not go to work till 9am.
  14. plowking35

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    At one of our contract accounts, we actually were told we were plowing to often. And that they didnt like the truck on site all night.I outlined the options, and then they gave us an empty condo unit for the driver to sllep in.
    Better than a the front seat of the truck I suppose.
  15. GeoffD

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    After during the last 2' storm we had. Our loader opperator got a visit for the local PD. A resident next to the lot we plowed called and complained about the sounds the loader had been making all night. They called at 4:37 am.

  16. John Allin

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    We get complaints about the backup beepers on the loaders and trucks.
  17. 4 Saisons

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    on a street corner i have 5 neighboor, so I stay there about 15 to 20 minutes.

    One month ago, about 4:30am, Finishing the fifth driveway, a lady from a next house came out to me and said " will you always be here by this time, i can't sleep!"

    me " Sure, people pay to get my service before they wake up, and you don't gonna sleep for the next 15 minutes because i saw the loader down the street come in to clean the corner, and if i could find a silent snow operation i will buy it!"

    so she replied "My baby is awake and crying since 1:30 and i gonna be tired tomorrow." and she goes.

    Does i look like a psychologist, It was not my problem at all.

    Psychologist we need to be a little to deal with customer calling because they are affraid about the 1" dust and 3" apron.

    JAA, one of my friend install a switch for the beeper, it turn it off on complex apartment when he work at night.

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  18. Mark Oomkes

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    John, that was a good one. My wife really wonders about me sometimes when I bust out laughing reading some of these posts.
  19. iowastorm

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    . . . yesterday I had some elderly folks ream out one of my guys for blowing snow onto their apartment building . . . enough said on that.
  20. John Allin

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    Last year I had a sidewalk crew use a snowblower on a walk that went all the way around a retail building. Left a nice 24" wide white stripe about 5 feet above the ground all the way around.

    Prop Mgr wasn't at all impressed.